Are you looking for customised cultural change solutions to empower HR departments and business management to supercharge growth and profitability?
 OUTPERF4M are world leaders in cultural transformation employing an innovative behavioural framework, to encourage trust, creativity, and organic work environments.

  • We help to identify your unique values and social purpose to help motivate employee engagement and performance.
  • The Outperf4m team works with cross functional management to ensure every department supports and benefits from organisational growth.
  • We align your business for change and growth to supercharge your profitability.
The OUTPERF4M Approach
Behavioural, EQ and Motivational Assessments
Behavioural & Ei Coaching for Leaders, HR Professionals and Managers
Programs for Enabling Positive, Proactive Cultures
Open Source Change Management Techniques
Organisation Design to Encourage Behavioural Development
Capability and Performance Frameworks
HR professionals and leaders can rapidly transform underperforming businesses by:

  • Promoting open, inclusive cultures to challenge employees in self-supporting teams;
  • Aligning employees to teams based on their motivations and strengths;
  • Repositioning the employee-manager relationship to one of trusted facilitator or coach;
  • Improving management and leadership effectiveness with Ei programs;
  • Coordinating L&D, change, planning and innovation activities, to empower and upskill employees.

This increases employee contributions, innovation, engagement and retention. The innovative approach encourages employee trust, creativity, and agile work environments. 
Founder - Tony Holmwood
A Chartered Accountant and leader in business performance, cultural change and accredited Ei/EQ coach.

As the author of “Best Behaviour”, Tony introduces a transformational Balanced Behavioural Development Framework.

Speaker, People Strategist and Change Management Thought Leader

​​​​​​​Enabling HR and Management to Coach and Drive Business Transformation Success

Behaviours influence our thoughts and our emotions. Behaviours are how we learn. 

Employee-centric cultures respect employee potential and their need to grow and contribute. Wellbeing is an essential prerequisite for performance and now, more than ever, organisations have a responsibility to provide an environment in which employees can grow and flourish. Companies who appreciate this are experiencing improved performance and delivering superior returns to shareholders.

Why choose Outperf4m Consulting?

OUTPERF4M draws on leading business methodologies to simplify business complexity and enable strategic success.

  • With Ei coaching, we empower your HR and Management teams to drive change;
  • We help your teams clarify their business goals and undertake a performance reporting refresh;
  • This enables a proactive culture of performance improvement by focussing behaviours on growth.

Our coaching and change programs, grounded in behavioural development and emotional intelligence, bring heightened awareness and accountability to behaviours and moves beyond top-down change.

Together with our performance frameworks, coaching HR and management in these techniques are a catalyst for improving performance and wellbeing from the inside out, at a suitable pace for each individual.

Instilling a change culture promotes growth. 

For true, sustainable cultural change to take place, attitudes and the habitual behaviours connected to those attitudes will typically need to be developed.
The OUTPERF4M approach is based on insights taken from business performance experience in large organisations.
"Tony presents some thought-provoking and groundbreaking insights that will enable HR managers to coach their employees … empowering them to more productively develop and grow."
Dr John Demartini| International best-selling author
"Tony presents a practical and innovative coaching framework that helps HR and line managers build more emotionally intelligent employees – for better business outcomes."
Siobhan McHale | EGM HR, Dulux Group
"Emotional intelligence is the critical leadership factor differentiating a ‘Great Leader’ from a ‘Good Leader’ in the workplace! 
Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence understand that when employees feel ‘safe’ in the workplace, they are not only happier and perform better, they are more likely to contribute their ideas freely and develop better solutions through tapping into their creative potential."
Sonia Motum | Executive Coaching and Development, Energy Coaching
"Best Behaviour by Tony Holmwood is one of the most comprehensive books on human behaviour in the marketplace. Drawing on his own personal insight, mixed with extensive research, Tony gets to the beating heart of why leaders do what they do and how we can change our behaviour."
Christopher Brooks | Director of Leadership & Learning, First Train
"With disruption, constant change and a blurring of work-life boundaries now the norm, I wholeheartedly agree that the future of organisational success depends on this authentic approach."
Helen D’Arcy | Principal Consultant, The Learning Pyramid 
"Tony gives a methodology that to the employer and their HR team it feels scalable, but to the individual would feel very tailored and personal. Surely this is the dream HR process."
Marty Wilson | Resilience Through Change Expert
"Tony was instrumental in creating the concept of Your Human Resource. His tenacity and work ethic was quite evident in the time that I worked with him and I have no issue in recommending him in any HCM or HR Transformation work or project."
Syben Osinga | Oracle Director & Principal Consultant at HCM 3 Group

Tony Holmwood
+61 415 757 285